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China world trade market network technology Co., Ltd, abbreviated to “world trade market net”, founded in March 2005, is one of the biggest top trade market net and a leading global B2B e-commerce platform. We provide professional reliable services; connect all kinds of enterprises to build this low cost world-class marketplace. On the line companies can reduce transaction costs and strengthen their business, free, No charge at all!


We headquartered in one of the world’s largest duty free shopping center

— Hong Kong. Using her unique geographical position, We adhere to innovation, cooperation and win – win concept of management to help companies in the world, particularly the small and medium-sized enterprises to create new market opportunities around the world to help them grasp business opportunities and promote global market prosperity.


Current global economy crisis remains extremely complex and uncertain, while the majority of small and medium-sized enterprise faces considerable difficulties, especially just emerging entrepreneurs. Members who registered our site get one free website, which enterprise can advertise their products on the line all over the world. As the largest global free platform, the company sincerely hopes that more Chinese and world enterprises can fully realize e-commerce trade platform prospect! We are expecting you to join us! Our tenet is: “rallying all the people of the world, and enliven the world economy by the promotion of products, promoting trade growth and prosperity, and building a world-class trade market.”

Let us work hand in hand and side by side to create corporate brand!


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General Manager Assistant

 Tel: 086- 0576-88603291         
Fax: 086-0576-88509951


About baozulin

baozulin is a senior e-business consultant with particular expertise in the area of Internet and web design and web translations. A specialist in site promotion and strategic planning, He has worked with many different organizations, familiar with many different field, including Teaching English in middle school, mold making for plastic products, Financial management, canned food industries, cooking for hotel….to learn more on me please visit the web site at: http://baozulin.heliohost.org/717/e
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